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Digital Pilots: The Essential Ingredient to Insight-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Digital Pilots: The Essential Ingredient to Insight-Driven Marketing Campaigns

At Magpie, we understand the power of learning from our audiences to create meaningful and impactful campaigns that create behaviour change. In a digital age, it’s crucial to approach campaigns with a test-and-learn mindset. Piloting creative behaviour change marketing campaigns (or any marketing campaign) digitally as an initial test and learn phase, is an invaluable approach for creating insight-driven, personalised and cost-effective full-scale marketing campaigns. 

Here’s why: 

Message and Creative Testing: Understanding which messages and creative resonate most with the audience is key to crafting compelling marketing campaigns. Paid digital pilots enable us to test different messaging and creative concepts in real time, allowing for optimisations and changes based on performance metrics. This approach ensures that the final campaign is optimised and tailored to effectively communicate key messages and calls to action.

We have done this across a number of our campaigns.

Hertfordshire County Council: Let’s Clear the Air

‘Let’s Clear the Air’ is a creative multi-channel campaign co-created with Hertfordshire County Council to address the impact of air quality on residents. The digital aspect of the campaign aimed to drive residents living in Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) to sign up for air pollution alerts via the Hertfordshire County Council website.  

KPIs for this campaign were heavily reliant on the digital strategy, therefore we carried out an initial pilot campaign to A/B test creative behavioural messaging concepts to determine the most effective messaging for the campaign. We utilised Facebook, Google Search and Google Display. Hertfordshire County Council council gained valuable insights into audience preferences and we optimised the strategy for maximum impact. The pilot campaign informed the rollout of a comprehensive, 12-month digital strategy, resulting in increased awareness and engagement with air quality initiatives. Find out more.

RSPCA: Healthier Breeds

Through a targeted digital campaign, we addressed the demand for flat-faced (brachycephalic) dogs, leveraging audience insights and dynamic creative to raise awareness about the health risks associated with these breeds. The pilot campaign allowed for precise audience targeting and message testing, leading to significant engagement and a shift in the desire to purchase a brachycephalic dog. From this, we gained a deeper understanding of the motivations behind purchasing these breeds and which messages resonate the most with the audience. This allows us to create an insight-driven and cost-effective strategy for a potential national extension. Find out more.

In conclusion, digital pilots play a vital role in shaping insight-driven campaigns. By embracing A/B testing, small budgets, and iterative improvements, we can optimise their strategies for maximum impact. Through platform insights, community engagement, and effective resource allocation, pilot campaigns serve as invaluable stepping stones towards successful full-scale marketing campaigns. 

At Magpie, we recognise the importance of leveraging digital pilots to create campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful change. See below to get in touch and find out more.

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