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Magpie’s Collaboration with RSPCA: Reducing the Demand for Brachycephalic Dog Breeds

Written by: Emma Wragg | 22nd May 2024
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Aligned with the RSPCA’s mission, our recent collaboration with the RSPCA aimed to tackle the root cause of suffering among brachycephalic dog breeds. These flat-faced breeds, such as pugs, French bulldogs, and English bulldogs, often endure severe health issues due to their breeding for aesthetic purposes over health considerations. Our joint campaign focused on influencing prospective owners’ knowledge, empathy, and purchasing decisions to reduce the demand for these breeds and improve animal welfare.

What we did

Our team at Magpie played a pivotal role in developing and delivering this impactful campaign. We conducted extensive research, delved into audience insights, and crafted messaging routes aimed at raising awareness about the health and financial and societal implications of owning brachycephalic breeds. Digital assets, including an interactive quiz, testimonials with vets and nurses, were created to engage with prospective buyers effectively. A pilot campaign was launched targeting audiences in Essex and Newcastle (based on the biggest concentration of owners), utilising various digital platforms to disseminate campaign content. This involved a comprehensive strategy encompassing website analytics, ad performance evaluations, focus groups, and a randomised controlled trial.

Campaign impact

The results of our collaboration with the RSPCA were incredibly promising. Nearly 80% of participants in the ‘willingness to change’ quiz indicated a decreased likelihood of purchasing a brachycephalic breed after exposure to our campaign content. Impressively, the campaign garnered over 1.7 million total impressions across all platforms, illustrating its widespread reach and impact. Furthermore, the campaign led to significant increases in empathy, interest in learning more, intentions to raise awareness, and reduced intentions to purchase brachycephalic breeds. These outcomes underscore the potential of the campaign to positively influence attitudes and knowledge surrounding responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

In conclusion

Our collaboration with the RSPCA on the campaign to reduce the demand for brachycephalic dog breeds exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in driving meaningful change. Through meticulous research, creative strategy, and targeted outreach, we were able to deliver a compelling campaign that resonated with audiences and elicited tangible results. Moving forward, we remain committed to leveraging our expertise to support initiatives that promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, because every kind of animal deserves our kindness. Together, we can continue to make a difference in the lives of animals and inspire a more compassionate society. 

“It’s been absolutely fantastic working with the Magpie team and I appreciate everything they have done and the enthusiasm and energy they bring to our projects. At every step of our journey together, the different members of their multidisciplinary team have been there with a listening ear and sound advice and support. What Magpie have pulled off and achieved for us is really insightful and powerful. That comes from a combination of their expert skills and their openness to close collaboration at every stage. I am looking forward to what comes next. This is just the start.”

Kerry, Assistant Director of Campaigns and Prevention, RSPCA

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