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Our services and specialisms

What makes us different?

Our sector-leading behavioural scientists, creatives and campaigners seek to truly understand behaviour and find effective, creative solutions to inspire positive change.

How we work

The Magpie magic

There are three things we bring together at magpie. Our rare in-house trilogy of community co-production; behavioural insights; and campaign creativity demonstrate excellence in their own right, and magic when they combine.

Our practices

Behavioural Science and Insight

We are a UK leader in applied behavioural science, with a PhD-level expert team led by Dr Julie Van de Vyver, a behavioural scientist with expertise in social and developmental psychology. Our team is highly skilled and experienced in the latest behavioural science and research methods.

Creativity and Campaigns

Insight fuels our creativity at Magpie. Through co-creation and exploration with audiences, we create positive social campaigns that have a long-lasting impact. We are a multi-disciplined team of creative thinkers, doers and storytellers who love the challenge of using creativity to shine a light on issues that really matter.

Co-production and Community Engagement

We work from a principle of co-production, that by working together we can make change possible, giving real power to people, making unheard voices heard and the invisible visible.

Our process

Underpinned by 15 years of evidence we have developed an intelligent creative communications formula that, when adopted in its entirety, gives campaigns the best chance of positively influencing peoples’ change journey at all stages.

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