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people looking out for their neighbours' wellbeing


Inspiring individual action to combat loneliness and isolation across West Yorkshire and Harrogate

‘Looking out for our neighbours’ is a social marketing campaign we launched to prevent loneliness and its associated health issues by encouraging communities to look after vulnerable people. This included tips and micro-wellbeing interventions that could positively impact on their neighbours.

Increasing Impact

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    46,000 people have taken action and now look out for their neighbours as a result of the campaign.
  • Icon - Email
    21,000 interactions with content using the #OurNeighbours hashtag on social media.
  • Icon - Newspaper
    36,000+ recipients of printed and online helpful neighbour packs.
  • Icon - People
    19-85 year olds engaged with the campaign.
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    75% of people engaged in new activity to look out for their neighbours as a result of the campaign.
  • Icon - Facebook
    72% of people feel the campaign has made a positive impact on their neighbours' wellbeing.
  • Icon - Open email
    1.36m total reach across social media.
Illustration for Seriously Resistant campaign

33,822 pledges

against antibiotic resistance with NHS Leeds CCG

Raising awareness of one of the biggest threats to health this century

Seriously is a social movement we created to raise awareness of the global threat caused by antibiotics misuse and encourage the population of Leeds to take antibiotic resistance seriously.

Increasing Impact

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    A citywide pledge campaign.
  • Icon - Message
    Engaged the local universities’ health research departments.
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    Turned 100,000 pharmacy bags red.
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    Enabled budding film students to create video shorts.
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    The campaign has been showcased nationally.
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    Used by American health organisations as a best practice example.

15 local authorities

adopted Breathe 2025 as their smokefree policy

Breathe 2025: Inspire a smokefree generation by 2025

Breathe 2025 is a smokefree vision we created to make sure the next generation of children are born and raised in a place free from tobacco, where smoking is unusual.

Increasing Impact

  • Icon - Britain
    Nationally recognised movement.
  • Icon - Packaging
    Led a launch campaign for standardised packaging.
  • Icon - A bus
    Featured on big screens, cinema advertising and bus ads.
  • Icon - Web browser
    Many have pledged action through the Breathe 2025 website.
  • Icon - A clipboard
    The smoking policy for each local authority has one vision.
  • Icon - digital devices
    Digital resources have been used across the UK.
  • Icon - Computer screen
    £500,000 of free advertising generated by supporters.
  • Icon - Computer screen
    Seen by 8 million viewers on Yorkshire and the Humber’s prime time stop smoking TV campaign.

Increasing footfall by 87%

to North Yorkshire’s ‘walking for health’ trails

Discoveries on your Doorstep: Encouraging more people to get out walking in their local area

Discoveries on your Doorstep is an insight-driven campaign that positively changed people’s perceptions of walking and inspired more people to be active in their local area.

Increasing Impact

  • Icon - Website
    3,368 unique website vists across two locations.
  • Icon - Hands shaking
    98 community groups and businesses engaged.
  • Icon - An award
    ‘Highly Commended Award’ at the 2018 ADEPT awards.
  • Icon - A calendar
    4 community-owned events have taken place so far.
  • Icon - Facebook Likes
    1,154 likes on Facebook.
  • Icon - digital devices
    10 community champions were recruited.
  • Icon - Sharing
    20 health groups and charities shared campaign media.
  • Icon - A mortar board
    9 schools took part.

2,300 sign-ups

to Hertfordshire’s 12-month health activator programme

Encouraging inactive people to take part in local fitness activities

Active Herts is a health activator programme campaign we ran in Hertfordshire. Our activity promoted the benefits of exercise and encouraged a record number of inactive people to take part in local fitness activities.

Increasing Impact

  • Icon - Cityscape
    Over 100 people on the programme after two months.
  • Icon - Pharmacy
    2,300+ people have subscribed in past two years.


of Leeds Bin app from 4 September to 16 October


Raising awareness of paper recycling and instigating positive behaviour change

If Leeds’ residents recycled all their paper and card, the energy saved could power all eight of the city’s hospitals for an entire year. We developed a bold campaign that attracted attention and educated audiences on the types of paper that can be recycled.

Increasing Impact

  • Icon - Website
    Six high profile businesses and three schools backed the campaign.
  • Icon - People
    Coverage in the Yorkshire Evening Post and on Made in Leeds.
  • Icon - Email
    12,485 opportunities to see the PR stunt.
  • Icon - Twitter
    2,464 engagements on Twitter.
  • Icon - Facebook
    Physical business engagement activity reached 2,670 people.

4,428 clicks

to Money Information Centre’s help site from our content marketing campaign activity


Raising awareness of gambling-related harm across Leeds

Beat the Odds is a multi-channel marketing campaign to encourage greater awareness of gambling-related harm across Leeds and signpost ‘problem gamblers’ to help and support services.

Increasing Impact

  • Icon - Website
    The campaign featured on BBC’s Inside Out.
  • Icon - Newspaper
    The tweets were seen 99,900 times over 38 days.
  • Icon - People
    140 bus shelters seen 14.6m times.
  • Icon - Email
    346 people engaged with the tweets.