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Inspiring children to be active

Co-created with families and children a social movement in Bradford to improve physical activity for young people, leading to better health, better skills and towards safe, clean and active communities.

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Join Us: Move. Play.

Bradford is the youngest city in the UK and one of the youngest cities in Europe. Low levels of physical activity during childhood and teenage years can have a negative impact on children and young people’s academic achievements, social abilities, life skills and health. Born in Bradford data shows that 77% of 5-11 year olds don’t do the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day and 38% leave primary school overweight or obese.

In March 2019, the Bradford Sport England Local Delivery Pilot (LDP) programme, Join Us: Move. Play (JU:MP), was put in place to take a whole system approach to physical activity for children and young people aged 5 to 14. The programme is located within the North of Bradford, working with communities from some of the most deprived areas and with the lowest levels of physical activity within the UK.

2019 - Present

Active Bradford

Scope of work

  • Brand development & visual identity
  • Campaign development & activation
  • Co-production, engagement and community representation
  • Creative messaging and copywriting
  • Lived experience storytelling
  • UX and website development

Magpie supported JU:MP with a social marketing approach, backed by behavioural science. The brand, campaigns and its interventions were co-created with families, children and young people and used a ‘people like me’ approach to create social norms, capture attention, and spread awareness through creativity and emotion. We used well-established marketing techniques to educate families, raise awareness of the benefits of playing and being active, and shared local opportunities to be active.

The five JU:MP behaviour change campaigns (Join the JU:MP movement, JU:MP@Home, JU:MP Outdoors, JU:MP Screen Off Life On and JU:MP Find your Fun) received continuous engagement – for long term sustainable impact – by utilising insight, co-creation and evaluation at a community level and across different times of the year. This reminded and encouraged families, children and young people to join the JU:MP movement and choose to move and play more.

To implement the ‘people like me’ approach across all campaigns, Magpie has a network of true JU:MP campaigners who have been given the social marketing campaign tools and training to start a JU:MP legacy. This empowered them to encourage families to join the JU:MP movement and receive the monthly JU:MP newsletter with what’s on, top tips, challenges to do as a family and automatic entry to seasonal free prize draws.

We used a collaborative working approach based on the idea of ‘doing with, not for or to communities’, with a strong focus on capability, opportunity and motivation, all underpinned by a test and learn approach ‘being open to taking risks and being innovative’.

Campaign impact

As of May 2023 there were over 9,260 family members in Bradford who were choosing to move and play more by joining the JU:MP movement. This included 5010 parents and 4259 children across the JU:MP pioneer and accelerator neighbourhoods.

There are three distinct types of communities in the Local Delivery Pilot area that have joined the movement and co-created JU:MP’s campaigns and interventions. They are linked by deprivation but different in ethnicity (White British, South Asian and mixed ethnicities), more specifically a mix of Asian or Asian British, Pakistani, White British, British Indian and Mixed White and Asian.

The overall outcomes for the jump programme have been:

  • Better health, better lives for children and young people
  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • Safe, clean and active communities


As of April 2023, over 9,260 family members in Bradford have chosen to move and play more by joining the JU:MP movement. We surpassed our ‘Join the JU:MP movement’ target (8336) for the accelerator phase, with a total of 8,408 families joining the JU:MP family. We have created a movement.


550 JU:MP stars, who run fun activity days, across schools and community organisations.


We are now reaching almost a third of all families in the JUMP area. The aim is to reach over 50% by summer 2024.


“Magpie go about things differently and we absolutely love working with them. They have carefully curated a talented team of people, all of whom have different specialisms, to be able to provide their clients with a truly personalised service. They take the time to get to know their clients, their needs, their strengths and their skills gaps, in order to offer the best service possible. We couldn’t imagine our team without them.”

Georgia Scott
Communications Officer

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