Leeds City Council


Recycle Me

A creative marketing campaign to raise awareness of paper recycling and instigate positive behaviour change.

Paper and card are two of the most under recycled materials in Leeds. If Leeds’ residents recycled all their paper and card, the energy saved could power all eight of the city’s hospitals for an entire year.

Leeds City Council tasked Magpie with raising awareness of the importance of recycling with an ‘attention-grabbing’ campaign, which would translate across a number of different platforms.

Objectives of the brief

Raise awareness of the importance of paper and card recycling.

Educate the public on the types of paper and card that can be recycled.

Encourage positive behaviour change in regards to paper and card recycling in Leeds.

We aimed to deliver a strong visual identity for the campaign, which would be used across a number of different platforms including print and social media assets, in order to promote a large PR stunt in the centre of Leeds. This would be accompanied by a range of content marketing including tweets and photography to reinforce the message.



We decided that to ensure this campaign was a success, it needed to be driven by a strong call to action.

We developed the ‘Recycle Me’ brand name to emphasise the key message behind the campaign, not only to recycle card and paper at home, but also to recycle the flyer itself after reading the information.

We wanted to create a bold, eye-catching identity, one that would make people stop and think, as well as providing them with the information they needed to improve their recycling habits. The details of the different materials such as envelops and cereal boxes in the ‘Recycle Me’ letters, created a balance between informing people of what can and can’t be recycled, whilst being visually interesting.

By using the brand letters to visually demonstrate the action of recycling paper and card, we were able to reduce the amount of written content to make the message really succinct.

In the past Leeds City Council have faced the challenge of breaking through the ‘visual noise’ of everyday life – people were just not paying attention to their messages! So we needed the campaign to stand out from the Council’s previous communications, whilst still remaining true to their overarching brand identity.