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Magpie launches exchange programme to create behaviour change for organisations

Written by: Safeia El-Jack | 22nd June 2023
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What is Magpie Meets?

Magpie Meets is a new programme designed to help organisations understand how creative behaviour change practice can help you fulfil your aims and objectives. It works by what we call an added value behaviour exchange, not a sales pitch, to expand knowledge of change-making behaviours across a diverse range of populations.

How it works:

Step 1 – MEET:

Our first touch point is a video call or visit to discuss how it works and build a plan to fit your place, space and needs. We will ask questions that help develop the brief around change-making behaviours and your behaviour change aims. If you are unsure of what behaviours you would like to change, we can help with example cases.

Step 2 – BRIEF:

Magpie receives: Briefing to give background and context ahead of the exchange day to manage planning and expectations.

You receive: Briefing and agenda to help prepare your organisation

Step 3 – EXCHANGE:

The exchange consists of an immersion day including a tour of your organisation, a ‘getting to know each other’ conversation and an immersive activity or situation. We will learn about, and discuss, change-making leadership and behaviours to understand your operation and positively challenge.

Step 4 – EXPLORE:

In the exploration part of the day, we will run a workshop designed to understand ‘How creative behaviour change can help unlock potential and create positive impact for your organisation’. A series of predefined questions and exercises will guide us. You will be briefed and asked about your area of focus in advance.

Step 5 – APPRAISE:

You will be asked to assess the performance, value and quality of the behaviour exchange and the difference it has made to thinking and problem solving. We will follow up to exchange appraisals and feedback. We will also provide you with content, such as photos, videos and a blog about your behaviour exchange, should you wish to use them in your comms.

Step 6 – One of the following:

6a) Part ways: Goodbye and good luck – we’ll follow up to find how you got on.

6b) Collaborate: Opportunity to work together on this project or a future one.

6c) Mutual support: Find ways in which we can support one another to reach our goals.

6d) Training offer: Opportunity to provide training, workshops and more consultation.

What we have to offer:

Expertise exchange –

We will both meet with experts* from our organisations who bring a wealth of knowledge from different roles, sectors, operations and practice. Magpie Meets encourages us to challenge ourselves, to step out of our comfort zone and develop new change-making leadership skills. Meeting, exchanging ideas and sharing behaviour change practice means the programme nurtures a culture of true empathy and sharing expertise.

*An expert could work in any role at any level and is known for having or involving a great deal of knowledge or skill in a particular area.

Value & skills exchange –

For you: Through creative problem-solving practice and behaviour change knowledge exchange, you’ll have newfound perspectives and inspiration to build into your future workstreams.

For us: Through continuous, empathetic, immersive, accelerating, real-world learning and development and by sharing knowledge and skills for good, we will come away inspired and creatively recharged.

Collaborative exchange –

First and foremost, Magpie Meets… is an exchange programme and not a sales proposition. It gives us a chance to have a unique collaborative experience with another organisation and explore ways of working together in the future. We love nothing more than meeting new people and learning from their practice as well as idea hacking together.

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