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Here for the changemakers

Written by: Rose Mountague | 9th June 2023
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We meet a lot of impressive people through our work at Magpie. They are of all ages and from many different backgrounds. They bring different experiences and skills. They work on projects big and small, to meet the challenges we face in our communities and across our society as a whole.

They are the changemakers.

Here at Magpie we have worked with people committed to bringing about positive change on a range of different topics. Working within local communities to build a social movement to improve physical activity for young people. Raising awareness of the most urgent public health issues of our time. Encouraging and sustaining active travel. Launching a global network towards a world in which knowledge is shared equitably and fairly, unhindered by barriers of cost, time or national borders.

Changemakers are using creative and positive action to transform lives. We have met them in educational institutions and government departments, charitable organisations and community projects. They have worked for companies and agencies, in youth clubs and libraries. What they share is a sense of purpose and of action, to make a difference and shape the change they want to see. Magpie co-founder, Ged Savva, says:

“A changemaker is anyone who is trying to bring about positive change. This includes people working on the change they want to see in their lives, our clients and their teams, community leaders and ourselves. We are all part of an interconnected system working together to make a difference. It’s important we acknowledge and celebrate every incremental step we achieve towards our goals.”

“Some might not identify as changemakers, but we see everyone who plays a direct or indirect role in making change as one. We are stronger because of the sum of our parts and what we bring to the table – be it creativity, science, policy, admin, influence or practical skills.”

Our role is to have their back; to work together with the changemakers to overcome inequalities, improve wellbeing, reduce unsustainable demand on public services and to support in creating kinder, fairer, healthier, happier and greener communities.

We offer support to changemakers in three key ways – co-production and community engagement, behavioural science and insight, creativity and campaigns – and they all come together to inspire everyday action.

Key to all of this is listening. Real people and their insights are what inspire us and help us do our best work. We know, as so many changemakers have told us, that real and lasting change is only possible if we engage across societies, cultures and neighbourhoods to properly understand how creative communication can make a difference. Only by working together can we make change possible for anyone, anywhere.

Across all the work that we do at Magpie, we are champions of unheard voices and the makers of positive change. Our role is to use our skills and experiences to enable possibility and help changemakers and the communities they work with to achieve their goals.

Together with the UK Health Security Agency and the Department of Health and Social Care we worked to provide more equitable access to health information for marginalised communities. In Sunderland, we worked to create a set of behaviour change interventions that resulted in a 34% reduction in opioid prescriptions. In Bradford, we worked with the local community to stimulate a social movement that has led to 9260 family members actively moving and playing out more, improving social and health outcomes across the city.

You can find more on our work with changemakers and the impact of the campaigns we have created together elsewhere on our website. And if you would like to join us as we use the power of creativity, collaboration and understanding to inspire positive change, please get in touch.

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