The Yorkshire Wellbeing check-in was designed to offer a temperature check of how the people of Yorkshire were doing through such a changeable year. 462 people took part across two surveys: the first in Summer 2020, and the second in winter 2020/21. It covered all aspects of mental and physical wellbeing along with confidence levels on things like visiting health settings with the data providing valuable insight in our region to better inform campaigns.

The full results are available below and offered some interesting insights including:

  • Men’s wellbeing reducing more than women’s over the 6 months
  • Over half of participants are not achieving the government’s recommended 2.5 hours per week of exercise.
  • Confidence levels in visiting GPs, clinics or hospitals for health reasons nearly doubled across the 6-month period
  • People are feeling more confident in asking for help from friends or their community, or offering to help others, compared to 6 months
  • People are using TV and social media less to access their health and coronavirus related news, instead, turning to specialist websites such as the government and local authorities to inform their knowledge

Read the full results

If you have any questions about the survey and our findings, feel free to get in touch with us at If you’d like to get involved with campaigns such as this in the future, you can join our Great Campaign Network.

Thanks to everyone that has supported the survey but especially to the three MIND charities at Leeds, Bradford and Rotherham & Barnsley that each received a donation for helping us promote the survey. Congratulations also go to our hamper winners – Anna Carson, Colette Jones, Dino Reardon, Rachel Bowmer and Chris Elliott. Lastly, thank you to all those people in Yorkshire that have completed or shared the survey.