photo of Alice smiling at the camera


Our graphic designer, Alice Halfpenny, writes about the Magpie manifesto and what it means to build happier, healthier communities.



For World Poetry Day, this manifesto was co-created with Magpie employees by testament. It communicates the mission and values of Magpie as a company and it’s individual employees.

It’s been brought to life using video footage from our past and present campaigns and our wonderful communities.



Bold believers, we courageously care,
Spreading wings, moving with purpose.
Digging beyond the surface
To unearth missed opportunities
Treasuring successes.When there’s
Too much grey information
And a lack of colour
We break out of the mundane.We nurture an environment of
Individuality and self-expression,
Learning everything with an empathetic ear.Delivering with confidence,
Never blind arrogance,
We are the champions of unheard voices.We’ve got to do it now,
Because the causes are urgent;
Real-time problems we need to solve,
Passion and action makes change,
But the legacy must last.Together,
We fly,
Accelerating toward a better future,
And the change we make is.Sustainable,
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