As you might have guessed by now, at Magpie we pride ourselves in flying the flag for meaningful marketing everywhere! But what exactly do we mean by this? And how do we champion it? Let us explain…

To us, meaningful marketing is about challenging the norm, inspiring positive choices and instigating positive change. We don’t pick projects for the recognition or awards (although they’re certainly a plus), instead we choose to work with brands and organisations that encourage social good and leave a lasting positive impact on the world.

“Meaningful marketing goes deeper than gaining likes, shares or awards, it’s about transforming lives and creating a lasting legacy.

Ultimately we want to live in a healthy and happy world and if we can use our team’s talent for social good, then we can all go to bed fulfilled that we’ve achieved something special.” Ged Savva, Co-founding Director.

The marketing industry can be a superficial one: “buy this phone”, “visit this place”, “wear these jeans”. To us, it’s society’s unsung heroes that deserve the best creative work we can offer.

“When doing campaigns, people often presume I’m trying to sell them something, but when I explain the cause, they’re interested.” Naomi Baguley, Ideas & Imagination Team member.

Whether we’re inspiring residents in North Yorkshire to walk for fitness in their local area, turning 100,000 pharmacy bags red to take action against antibiotic resistance or engaging 28 schools to help improve air quality in Leeds; we inject the heart and soul back into the industry, creating campaigns, brands and digital solutions that push boundaries and really make a difference.

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