Welcome to your weekly round up of creative news. This week, we’re talking World Cup slogans, edible billboards and the Champions League rebrand. Enjoy!

World Cup slogans

Image credit: Creative Review.


For the 4th World Cup in a row, Fifa have partnered with Hyundai to deliver the Be There With Hyundai competition, giving football fans the opportunity to come up with the national slogan that would be displayed on each of the 32 team buses. Winning slogans include Portugal’s ‘The past is glory, the present is history’, Nigeria’s ‘The wings of African pride’ and England’s ‘Send us victorious’. Read more here. 

Galaxy’s edible billboard 

Image credit: Campaign Live.


Galaxy revealed their latest stunt as part of their #choosepleasure campaign – an edible billboard! The installation, showcased in Westfield London today (15th June) allows commuters to pick up a free chocolate bar as they pass by, with the aim of reinforcing the message that ‘pleasure is a necessity for a more fulfilling life’. Read more here. 

Facebook ‘not for news’

Image credit: BBC News.


BBC News have reported this week that fewer people are using Facebook to discover and discuss news and instead using messaging apps such as Whatsapp for this. The annual Digital News Report found that users are increasingly more concerned about their privacy on Facebook so therefore are less likely to discuss current affairs openly on this channel. Facebook have also recently changed their algorithms, lowering the rank of news in users’ feeds, which doesn’t help! Read more here. 

Stockholm ban sexist ads

Image credit: The Telegraph.


Stockholm’s city council have followed suit from Paris and Berlin, to ban seemingly sexist billboard advertising in public places. They’re hoping this move will help ensure their citizens are not exposed to messages which would upset or offended them. Read more here.

UEFA Champions League rebrand

Image credit: The Drum.


In the midst of World Cup frenzy, the Champions League have their own news to shout about, their new rebrand for the 2018/19 football season. The brand includes a ‘starball’ and was developed in collaboration with London-based creative agency DesignStudio. Read more here. 

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