Launched in 2014, University of Magpie is our staff development and training programme, providing a weekly opportunity for us to share skills, build our knowledge, and learn from each other. After 5 years of learning, and a change of location, we thought it was time that University of Magpie had an identity of it’s own. Design Production Lead, Rebecca has headed up the creation of the brand, with a focus on University of Magpie’s key values: creativity, curiosity, culture.

“We have created a crest for University of Magpie which holds creativity, curiosity and culture at its core. The bird is surrounded by the words ‘Creativity, curiositas & cultura’. Why? Because we want everyone to take flight – be open minded, be creative, be curious and have a deeper insight into all forms of culture. How does the bird reflect this? The beak represents curiosity, always hungry to know more. The birds wings open wide and take flight on the hunt to experience new cultures. The bird has strength, holding creativity at it’s core.”

As well as a new look, we’re expanding our creative curriculum, inviting guest speakers to run creative workshops and sessions of their own, and opening these up to our neighbours in Munro House. Origami birds, matching the one in the crest, have taken flight around the building, inviting others to join us.

To mark the re-launch of the University of Magpie, we have invited Steve from Found Fiction to run a session on the 3rd April.

“#foundfiction is a guerrilla publishing community connecting readers and writers across the world. We leave short stories in envelopes marked READ ME in public spaces – because the best stories you find are the ones that find you.”

For more on Found Fiction:

University of Magpie will be open to our neighbours once a month. If you’d like to come along – either as a guest, or to run a session – just get in touch with Eleanor at: