Welcome to this week’s round up of creative news! Today’s instalment includes Pride in London’s ad and Sir David Attenborough’s inspiring new initiative to help save the environment. Take a look!

Pride in London

Pride in London has reworked the classic song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ in their latest ad to highlight the challenges members of the LGBT+ community still face everyday, such as online bullying and hate crime. The 2-minute video was created by BMB Group and aims to remind people that Pride is about so much more than just having a party. It represents defiance, being true to yourself and helping to change the world!

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David Attenborough 

This week, Sir David Attenborough has said that large companies should donate to wildlife protection schemes every time they include animals in their ads. He’s said the advertising industry needs to do more to help the environment, so he’s launched his own voluntary scheme called the Lion’s Share Fund. When businesses sign up to the scheme, they will promise to donate 0.5% of the money they spend on an ad featuring animals to UN-backed conservation programmes. Great stuff!

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Trash Isles

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO has won the Cannes Lions Design Grand Prix for the social responsibility campaign ‘Trash Isles’ for LadBible and Plastic Oceans. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the large ‘land mass of trash’ the size of France which is currently polluting the Pacific Ocean. The campaign includes an official flag, ‘Debris’ currency and passports made from recycled materials.

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Tee Party

Awesome Merchandise are hosting their Tee Party tomorrow (Saturday 23rd June). You’ll get to choose a design from 11 artists and merch makers and then watch your tee be live printed in front of your very eyes!

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