Investing in student employability is a key value for Magpie. Once you have joined the staff you will be enrolled in the University of Magpie, our staff training and development programme. This will include:

  • Monthly 121s with your Manager
  • 6 monthly reviews with your Manager
  • Vision Days held in October and January/February
  • Masterclasses for areas you want to develop
  • End of year Field Day and graduation


Every month your Manager will have a 121 with you to discuss how things are going and any support you might need. Here is an example of the form used to guide you through:

6 monthly reviews

Your review will serve the purpose of assessing how you are performing in your role and any areas for development, that your Manager will help you achieve. It will ask you to reflect on your work and evaluate what you’d like to do to develop further.

Vision Days

Vision Days are specifically for our Student Brand Managers to meet together as the Insight Team, to get to know everyone at Magpie and to understand what role you play in the company. You will be equipped for your post and given all the tools you’ll need to be successful. This always proves to be fun and creative as well as informative and envisioning.


University of Magpie Masterclasses

Masterclasses are run by members of staff on a number of topics including Photoshop for beginners, emotional intelligence and high performing teams. You will have the opportunity to tune in to any masterclasses you feel will be relevant to your development.

Field day and Graduation

At the end of the year you will be presented with your certificate of graduation which includes details of all the skills you’ve learnt over the year and the masterclasses you have attended. We will also be happy to provide you with a reference for when it comes to applying for jobs.

We also have a celebration called Field Day for the Insight Team and any of their friends who are interested to share their experiences from the year and to say goodbye.