In March, our community stop smoking campaign, Today is the Day is launching nationwide to mark National No Smoking Day.

Following the success of our Today is the Day campaign across Leeds two years ago, Public Health England has invited us to re-run the campaign to a national audience on National No Smoking Day; a huge step up from the original city-based campaign.

About the campaign

Co-created by real people, Today is the Day celebrates inspirational stories about people’s individual journeys towards quitting smoking for good to encourage other smokers to access support to help them quit too. The campaign’s key message ‘we won’t judge you for smoking, but we will help you quit’ was developed through insight with smokers who said they often felt uncomfortable talking about their smoking habits.

Research shows that smokers are four times more likely to quit with support from NHS services than through willpower alone. The Today is the Day campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of NHS stop smoking services available across the country and empower smokers to access them.

So what’s new for 2019?

Scott Crosby, the Regional Tobacco Control Policy Manager for Yorkshire and the Humber has set us the task of making Today is the Day the official campaign for National No Smoking Day.

“No one really owns National No Smoking Day now so it’s a great opportunity to” – Scott Crosby, Regional Tobacco Control Policy Manager, Yorkshire and Humber.

Today is the Day will re-launch in February in the build-up to National No Smoking Day on 13th March. The campaign will give the national awareness day a powerful identity, incorporating new messages to encourage a nationwide social movement and sense of togetherness – asking smokers, family and friends to make ‘today’ the day they quit.

Our cofounder, Ged Savva, said:

“It’s great to see the legacy of this campaign continue to inspire those who are finding it difficult to quit, as health services across the country use campaign materials to promote collective action. The great thing about this campaign is that it was co-created with the target audience and only facilitated by us.”

National No Smoking Day is March 13th. To watch the campaign videos or for more information, visit: or take a look at our portfolio page here.