From Bombay botanicals, to hairy legs, here’s a throwback to what happened in the creative world last week…

Bombay Sapphire ‘stirs creativity’ with the help of local artists.

Gin giant Bombay Sapphire have collaborated with local artists for their latest campaign ‘Stir Creativity’ to target customers who are interested in getting creative. The latest strand of the campaign ‘Canvas’ got visitors in Shoreditch to try their hand at customising their Gin cocktails with different botanicals and garnishes, whilst watching local artists paint on blank walls (Source: Campaign).

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Stubbly legs make their TV debut

Shaving brand Friction Free Shaving are set to be the first shaving company to show real leg hair in a TV ad (yes it has taken until 2018). They want to break the trend of women in adverts shaving already smooth legs and instead portray a more realistic picture of the activity. Awesome! (Source: Campaign Live).

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Social Mobility Foundation gets a new look

The careers charity for young people has been rebranded by Studio Jones Knowles Ritchie. The identity includes an animated ‘o’ which travels up the logo to represent people’s journey up the career ladder (Source: Design Week).

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Insatiable by name, insatiable by nature

Thousands of people have petitioned to ban the new Netflix show Insatiable before it has even hit the screens. The ‘coming of rage’ story follows a young girl’s quest for revenge on her fellow classmates after she’s subjected to bullying and fat-shaming. The petition states that the show ‘perpetuates the toxicity of diet culture’ and has even been backed by a number of celebrities including Jameela Jamil (iNews).

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Image credits: ArtRabbit, Campaign, Design Week.