For this week’s industry news roundup, we’re talking about the questionable M&S window display, all things Black Friday and Instagram’s newest venture – enjoy!

M&S cause controversy with Christmas window display

M&S have been in the firing line this week for their Christmas window display which has sparked outrage amongst some for the seemingly sexist portrayal of what men and women should have for Christmas. Some people have suggested that the display communicates the message that men should ‘dress to impress’ whilst women just need underwear. What are your thoughts – a is it a problematic message or a big fuss over nothing? (Source: ITV News).

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Black Friday excitement is in full swing

Black Friday has arrived! With many deals already released earlier this week, lots of retailers are offering huge discounts online and in store – from gadgets to clothing. To say it is one of the biggest dates in the retail calendar, we’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the Black Friday marketing campaigns this year. Have any caught your eye?

Instagram cracks down on fake followers

Instagram has been faced with the issue of ‘fake followers’ for a while now, and with some bloggers ‘cheating’ the system by buying followers, the social media app is now taking measures to increase the authenticity of its user-generated content. They released a press release this week stating that their latest goal for the app is to reduce the number of so-called ‘ghost’ followers to enhance the Instagram experience for everyone. (Source: TechCrunch).

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Image sources: The Independent, The Telegraph and TechCrunch



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