For this week’s picks of industry news we’re talking Tesco, Deliveroo and BrewDog’s beer hotel. Enjoy! 


Tesco’s new discount store

This week, Tesco unveiled their brand new discount store Jack’s. The first store has just opened in Cambridgeshire with plans for a further 10-15 stores to open across the country over the coming months. The store will be similar to rivals Aldi and Lidi, stocking fewer products than Tesco and at a discounted price. Although many people aren’t impressed with its overly nostalgic ‘British’ feel. (Source: BBC News)

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Uber to buy Deliveroo?

Uber are currently ‘in talks’ to buy Deliveroo – although reportedly, the fast food delivery app isn’t too keen to give up their independence just yet! With Uber’s delivery service Uber Eats now in full swing, it could be a wise move, but will they be successful in buying their biggest competitor? We’ll have to wait and see… (Source: The Independent)

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BrewDog hotel

BrewDog have announced they’re opening the ‘world’s first beer hotel’ as well as expanding their brewery. They plan to provide an immersive craft beer experience in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The aptly named DogHouse will include beer taps and a built-in shower beer fridge in each of the 26 rooms. Sounds great to us! (Source:

Read more about the BrewDog hotel here.


Image credit: The Independent, BrewDog and BBC News.



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