In this week’s round up of industry news, we’re talking Gillette’s new ad tackling toxic masculinity, The Body Shop’s new plan to turn its stores into activist hubs, the prospect of a Starbucks delivery service and Water Aid’s newest installation at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Gillette believe in the best a man can be

Gillette’s new ad has been met with a conflict of opinion; as it seems the message of the ad has been lost in translation. The ad tackles several complex issues including everyday sexism and toxic masculinity. As some loyal customers have responded well to the campaign, there has been a lot of backlash from others, complaining that the ad tars all men with the same brush.

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The Body Shop aims to create activist hubs amidst high street decline

Following its plan to put activism at the heart of its brand strategy, The Body Shop has made big plans to recreate its brand purpose. In a bid to tackle the declining UK high street, the cosmetics retailer has recently put plans in place to turn all of its stores into activist hubs. The brand already does a lot for sustainability and believes that every brand and business should be doing what they can to have a positive impact on the world.

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Starbucks have introduced a delivery service for keen coffee drinkers

If you’re a fan of Starbucks and also getting things delivered to your door, then you’ll be excited to hear that Starbucks has partnered up with Uber Eats and are releasing 95% of their menu to be delivered through the food delivery app. Although this is only based in America for now, there are plans to move the concept across the pond. So expect warm coffee on your doorstep soon!

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New installation brightens up St. Paul’s

This week, a colourful display of backpacks have appeared on the steps of St. Pauls Cathedral in London, but what is the pop up all about? The bags, set up by Water Aid represent the number of children who die globally each day due to lack of access to clean water. Water Aid’s work is all about ensuring everyone has access to clean water and decent sanitation, and pop-ups like this are a reminder of the ongoing issues faced by many people in the world.

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Image Source: Campaign Live, Fashion Network and CNBC



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