We might only be four days into 2019, but if you’ve been anywhere near the internet this month you’ll know that the nation is already divided.

Let’s take a look at what’s been happening…

Bird Box is the meme of the moment

Hands up, who was aimlessly strolling through social media over the Christmas break only to find your feeds littered with memes of Sandra Bullock in a blindfold? Thought so.

Netflix’s new psychological thriller, Bird Box has been a hot topic over the last week, with scenes from the film being made into memes, going viral on pretty much ever social media channel out there. Many have even claimed that the widespread use of Bird Box memes is actually a clever marketing technique Netflix are trying to increase viewership. Well it certainly seems to be working…

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Bandersnatch hooks viewers

Netflix’s live-action interactive film Bandersnatch has also been making headlines over the last couple of weeks. Following the success of TV show Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s latest satirical masterpiece tells the story of a programmer who attempts to turn a successful novel into a video game. Throughout the film, viewers are asked to choose how the story unfolds – and there are supposedly hundreds of different endings to watch. The film marks a move from traditional cinema to a more interactive user experience and we can’t wait to see more like it!

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The Inbetweeners reunion flops

Millions of Brits settled down on New Year’s Day to watch a brand new episode of the hit sitcom The Inbetweeners – or so they thought. What turned out to be a two-hour special, hosted by comedian Jimmy Carr appeared on screens to celebrate 10 years since the show aired, and frankly was extremely awkward for everyone involved. From uncomfortable silences to bad gags, viewers couldn’t help but feel disappointed with the show and took to Twitter to express their outrage. Many fans claimed that the programme was falsely advertised, prompting James Buckley (who plays Jay in the series) to apologise for ‘letting people down’.


Greggs’ Vegan Sausage Roll

Yesterday Greggs officially launched their latest product, a vegan sausage roll, and Twitter has gone into meltdown. Criticised by many for the seemingly contradictory product name, the fast food chain has been met with praise, dismay and even disgust over the latest addition to their menu. Trolls were quick to call Greggs out for pampering to a snowflake generation (although Greggs have held their own), with Piers Morgan even chiming in with his opinion. What are your thoughts? Is it wrong to refer to a vegan product as a ‘sausage roll’?


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