Magpie’s Cofounder Becky is an advocate of quality control and the overseer of our project process ‘The Magpie Way’. She thinks the secret to project success is something that is rarely seen by the outside world, she explains…

“At Magpie we have ‘job bags’ for all projects. These are physical folders that are set up at the beginning of a project containing the brief, measures for success, client notes and and records of past proofs. Working on a lot of print communications, such as prospectuses and brochures, we go through several rounds of internal checks before the proof reaches the client.

What clients don’t usually see is the size and weight of the job bag as the project progresses before they receive their proof. Our creative is usually covered in a load of post-its, handwritten amends and highlights all of which ensure that we’re all thinking about communication of messages, accuracy and design quality before the design leaves the office.”



We’re excited to be celebrating our 7th birthday and to mark the occasion we are revealing the secrets we feel contribute to agency success. Find more on Twitter using our hashtag #7forasecret