To mark the launch of our Trends publication – a compilation of 2017s biggest, best and most bizarre trends – we’ll be releasing one a day in the countdown to Christmas. Trend seven, The Dating Game.

the dating game

Has sexual chemistry met its match in virtual reality?

Online dating is evolving. Wonderfully woven personal profiles and photos of your good side are a thing of the past. Instead, young people are turning to dating apps that gamify the process.

Whether it’s a swipe on Tinder, a guy employing a take-it-or-leave-it approach on Bumble (where girls make the first move), or playing games on JigTalk to reveal more of a potential mate’s photo, the pain and pressure of traditional online dating has been relieved.

With this playful approach comes students’ casual attitudes to finding a soulmate at university. Their campus career is all about unlikely opportunities, spontaneous hook-ups and chance encounters rather than finding ‘the one’.

That said, all of our students agreed that when the time was right to find long-time love, they would instinctively turn to their phones. For them it’s a no-brainer. Why wait on the hit-or-miss moment that cupid’s arrow might strike when you have access to a larger pool of potential partners right at your fingertips?

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