To mark the launch of our Trends publication – a compilation of 2017’s biggest, best and most bizarre trends – we’ll be releasing one a day in the countdown to Christmas. Trend ten, Teen Boss.

teen boss

At 18, chances are you weren’t Director of your own company or brand. Your professional future was probably in the hands, and at the mercy, of prospective employers. But now, more and more, young people are the boss of their own personal brand and business from a young age as they monetize their hobbies and interests.

Out of the seven students who work for us, most have promoted a hobby onto a business platform. These include: a fashion YouTube channel with 3,000+ followers; a travel blog that has been published on the official tourist board of Ljubljana; a Twitter account for a sideline PR brand; an influential fitness instagrammer; and a handful of Depop users selling and swapping clothes. Add in essential tools like bullet journals and blogs and you can see that young people are taking their professional lives in their stride.

In this way young people are not waiting for, but creating, their careers.

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