The Ideas & Imagination Team are at the heart of our campaigns and are usually the faces you’ll see out and about, delivering campaign activity across Leeds and beyond. Creating healthier and happier communities through our campaigns is at the core of what we do. Journalist on the I&I Team, Sophie, explains how our Ideas & Imagination Team implement our mission daily.

In at the deep end

Spreading the word is something we’ve got used to within the I&I Team, involving ourselves in communities and communicating information and awareness in fun and engaging ways. When we’re campaigning, you’ll usually find us interacting with the general public, getting real responses from real people. It helps that we’re really passionate about what we’re delivering so it makes it easier for us to immerse ourselves within these communities and create positive and lasting messages. From schools to hospitals, to universities and community centres; we want what we do to make a difference.

Changing perceptions

But why do we do it? Well, we also learn a lot that we didn’t already know, interacting with different people from all walks of life can teach you a lot about the world around you.

“Most of the time, as the people instigating the campaign, you capture the first-hand, real responses from the general public and that can be really rewarding.”- Sophie, Journalist, I&I Team

The idea of bringing people together, spreading positive and valuable messages and raising awareness is what we aim to do, and being a part of making that happen is a great feeling.

Getting creative

Our campaigns aim to deliver meaningful messages in a way they’ll be remembered. From handing out ‘chlamydia’ sweets to ensure students of Leeds know where to turn to Feel Better. Dressing up as ‘memory joggers’ to remind people to attend GP appointments, and collecting messages of thanks for The Big Thank You, it’s safe to say the I&I Team have done it all!

“I think the best feeling that we get from doing this is knowing we are making a difference, even if it is just to one person at one moment in time. But when someone tells you that you’ve made their day, it makes you feel really happy. You can also very much gauge more honest and genuine responses by going out and talking to people”. – Jake, Journalist, I&I Team

“Many of these campaigns really make you appreciate everything and everyone around you. It can make you realise just how lucky you are and leave you with a real feel-good feeling”. – Alice, Designer, I&I Team

Meeting the people behind the statistics makes these campaigns more real, more personable and more valuable. We want what we do to be meaningful, and especially for us on the I&I Team, we want our face-to-face impact to have a positive effect on the daily lives of everyone.

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