Magpie’s Cofounder, Ged, likes to get stuck in and has worked closely with our retail clients Bagel Nash when they have opened a new space. He reveals the unusual methods and goings on behind a retail store opening. 

“It was 12.30am and I was sat on the floor of Bagel Nash’s York Coppergate branch 7 hours before it was due to open surrounded by polystyrene balls and sand thinking to myself ‘is this what being the Director of a company is all about?’. Thankfully I was joined by the two owners of Bagel Nash which made me think ‘yeah perhaps it is but isn’t this great (if not a little surreal?!)’.

Let me explain… We decided to decorate a wall with branded flour sacks and wanted them to look as authentic as possible. Our screen-printed sacks were ready but couldn’t be filled with flour as this would be too heavy for the shelves and in time would expand with the heat of the store. Our solution was a mixture of sand and polystyrene balls. Sounds like a great plan to weigh them down and puff them out enough. But do you know how messy polystyrene balls can be when trowelling them into bags?!

After the mess and hard work, the sacks looked great. The secret here is how we like to get stuck in and see things through. We are always there with clients to ensure the vision comes to life.”



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