Josh joined Magpie earlier this year as an Account Executive. He is passionate about being involved in the creative process and understanding things from both our clients’ and creative teams’ perspectives. Since joining Magpie, he believes the secret to great idea generation starts with a roll of paper…

“Since joining Magpie I have been involved in some amazing client workshops and audience co-creation sessions at the beginning of projects to unearth the creative potential. I had never experienced workshops like these before, and when thinking about the secret to their success, I realised at Magpie we always use a roll of paper down the centre of the table.

Rather than us presenting and talking at our attendees, we invite them from the very start to get involved and get creative. Our rolls of paper represent collaboration. A roll is more infinite than a flip-chart – we are signalling there shouldn’t be an end to good ideas, instead we are saying ‘come on, let the good ideas roll!’ I feel this simple thing speaks volumes and contributes to the success of our projects”



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