Anna and Helena work side-by-side as part of our newly formed Health and Behaviour Change team. They say the secret to great design and smashing it for clients is about taking  a more traditional approach, being crafty and getting stuck in…

Helena says, “At Magpie we don’t hide behind our desks and a computer! Pass us a paintbrush, a sketch pad, scissors or paper and we thrive on creating bespoke ideas for our clients. We love to get stuck in and really embrace the creativity of our projects – come in to our office and you’ll find a hub of handcrafted ideas at work, from sketching design ideas, mocking up print, or even hand-painting signs for one of our clients.”


Anna says, “To get maximum creativity into our design work, we use a pencil and a piece of paper before designing on the computer. It doesn’t matter if I am designing a logo, brochure or billboard, nothing works better than a sketch. It’s better to form an idea fully on a piece of paper to see if it works. I sketch out ideas to allow the creative to stretch the brief as far as I can, no inhibitions, just pure creativity.”



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