Why are only 47 students going to Leeds Refreshers’ events when over 1,000 have been invited?


Is this a reflection of refreshers popularity across the country? We asked four of our student brand managers to share their likes and dislikes of Refreshers activities on their campuses, and what Students’ Unions could do to make them more of a success


“No-one has really been talking about it because of exams and assignments. It sort of feels like a gimmick to get us to go to the clubs – the students who have clicked attending, I know, are promoters. By now, everyone knows what they like so they don’t need a ‘refresher'”


“Herts are doing a neon party which looks like it’s going to be really well attended – probably because it’s the kind of party students haven’t been to before.”


“At Birmingham Refreshers seems to be really popular with Freshers – probably because their exams grades don’t matter so much.”


“At UCL, they’re using it to relaunch sports night, which is really popular so, as far as I can tell, people will go and are excited about it.”


According to our insight, the best way to make Refreshers a success is to add a twist (like neon) to a normal student night – give them an excuse not to miss out, or tie it into an existing popular club night that students will have missed over Christmas – to give them a ‘refresher’!