In this week’s Show & Tell, Rebecca looks at company rebrands from August…


eHarmony rebrands to help people “make better dating choices”

The online dating site was founded in 2000, and has a new website, app and branding in a bid to set itself apart from newer dating apps.



The meaning behind it

The new logo sees the uppercase “H” in eHarmony swapped out for a lowercase one, and a new teal shade used for the logotype, which is known to represent compassion and stability.

They wanted a palette that was colourful, uplifting and evoked unity.

They want users to have more information to make better dating choices. This empowers people to look beyond the surface and find out why we see potential between them.

Digital platforms

The eharmony website and app have also been redesigned to “clear out the clutter” with the aim of making the platform better suited for mobile.

It was clunky, restrictive and a painful experience on mobile, The way people communicate has evolved. We now have a much more intuitive messaging platform that allows people to choose how to reach out to each other.


YouTube has taken on a cleaner look with new logo and app design

YouTube was founded in 2005 as a platform for watching videos, and has since evolved to provide users with curated and bespoke video content based on their interests, as well as a place to share their own videos.



The meaning behind it

The play button symbol is now also used individually making the branding better suited to our multi-screen world.

The new look aims to be fresh, simple and intuitive and based on parent company Google’s Material Design guidelines.

The logo combines a cleaned-up version of the wordmark and icon, creating a more flexible design that works better across a variety of devices, even on the tiniest screens

No one knew what the word tube in a tube meant (Tube is slang for a television set, which is increasingly irrelevant to the YouTube platform). It’s an evolution, not a revolution.


Digital Platforms

A feature has been added allowing users to browse and discover similar videos through a row of suggested videos, which is visible when watching a video in full-screen mode.

New user functions have also been added, such as a gesture-based one that means a double tap on the left or right hand side of a video will fast forward or rewind it by 10 seconds. Users can also watch videos at different speeds, as has already been rolled out across the desktop version.

YouTube is due to introduce a Tinder-style swipe function
in coming months, which will let users swipe left to a previous video or right to watch the next one.


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