Leeds City Council and University of Leeds


'Walk it Leeds' Discovery Trail Maps

Design of tourist ‘Walk it Leeds’ maps for Leeds City Council and University of Leeds.


University of Leeds and Leeds City Council partnered up to create new heritage trails in Leeds based around the cultural and historic points of interest. Magpie worked with both teams to create the information flyer and map for the trail.

The trail was developed by a group of University of Leeds’ third year BA History students, showcasing the rich history of medicine, theatres and First World War in Leeds, aiming to get both the local community and visitors to the area engaged with the city’s past.

We made the content as digestible and engaging as possible so that it didn’t become a burden to carry the map around.

There was a lot of information to work with so we broke down the content in order to ensure the information flowed easily and the way-finding aspect of the project wasn’t lost at any point.

We created a design that reflected the significance of the content using a simple grid layout that enabled digestible chunks to be open on a manageable page size as tourists walked around the city.