University of Leeds


Treasures of the Brotherton

Advertising some fascinating treasures from the archives at University of Leeds.

The University of Leeds has some special collections hidden within its Brotherton Library that are of the highest historic or cultural significance – they cannot be found anywhere else. Many of these objects may not look particularly fascinating in themselves; but they each have an incredible story to be told. They are even more special / relevant to local audiences because they each have a link to Leeds or the University itself.

Some extra special items from the Library’s collection were brought out of the dusty depths ready for an exhibition which launched in 2016.

We were commissioned to develop a visual style for the advertising of the Treasures of the Brotherton.

Our concept gave prominence to the location of the treasures by using a central image of the Brotherton building and oozed anticipation by pulling out historic context in a flow of ink and colour.

We ensured the colours and typographical treatment we adopted were prestigious, thoughtful, impressive and fascinating in order to mark this high profile launch.

Our designs have been incorporated into launch materials, advertising and the gallery space design.