NHS Leeds South and East CCG


Today is the Day!

Campaign to inspire smokers to stop, and supporting them along the way with a new web app.

Today is the Day is a campaign we co-created with the South and East communities of Leeds to promote the work of Leeds NHS Stop Smoking Services. It was a key part of our strategy to use real life success stories from local champions to encourage others to stop smoking.

This campaign is about real people and their stories. We have created video interviews so you can hear about stopping smoking from people who have been there and done it – not the advisors themselves. It is celebratory, colourful and supportive.

Leeds South and East has some of the highest rates of smoking in Yorkshire. We also know many local people really want to quit smoking, but find it tough, so we want them to know that the NHS Leeds Stop Smoking Service can help.

We devised a community campaign, to advertise the work of the service in the community, and a set of support materials and resources to help healthcare professionals promote the campaign. We also built an online self-management tool for users of the service to track their progress and get instant advice when they most need it.

We implemented a network marketing strategy for this campaign, forging relationships with over 100 organisations and individuals to help us distribute over 100,000 campaign materials.

The mobile web-app is a self-management, help and monitoring tool into which users of the service enter data to track their progress through the twelve weeks of their treatment. It allows users to gain access to help and resources at the time they most need it, increasing their contact time with the service and providing support between appointments.

We worked closely with stop smoking advisors to identify the most useful data to collect throughout the tool, and to identify the times users needed support the most. The data the users enter provides the stop smoking advisor with an in-depth, accurate overview of how the user’s week has been, speeding up appointment times by ensuring the relevant information is available without questioning. This information allows them to recommend the best method of support based on the user’s history and progress.

The data collected will be used to evaluate the success and take-up of the online tool, but can also provide useful statistics on the service itself, especially outside of appointment time.

The campaign is currently in its first year so we are still monitoring progress. Whilst the national average for Stop Smoking Services referrals is down, we have seen an increase in four of the six communities we have worked with.