Metering and Billing Made Easy

Rebranding an innovative metering and billing solutions company.

Sycous is led by a team of young entrepreneurs who have gained international attention for the work they have done in the energy sector. They are an ambitious company that is innovating the way metering and billing is done.

They approached us to conduct a rebrand of their business when it was in its infancy and we are delighted to have worked with them on all aspects of their brand and marketing materials since.

We simplified Sycous’ brand to reflect the function of their innovative software; making it easy for their clients and their consumers to understand.

Their unique automatic billing and reporting software collects data from heat and energy networks and makes light work for property owners who can then pass on a saving to their consumers. The system can help property owners manage billing for 150 properties in two hours and cut their billing costs by two thirds.

Whether energy or heat networks supply one building or an entire city, managing it can be simple and cost effective with Sycous.

Main project objectives:

To create a brand ‘look and feel’ concept for Sycous and their software.

The brand needed to work internationally and echo the simplistic, focused, professional and established aspirations of the services Sycous provides.

Creation of brand guidelines, key message statements, sales kits, animation and website.

Our concept was clean, modern and consistent, ensuring people feel empowered, informed and reassured upon experiencing it.

We are proud to be Sycous’ marketing partner and have worked closely with them to develop their brand and marketing strategy ensuring every element of the brand echoes the concise, focused and professional aspirations of the services Sycous provides.

Our concept was clean, modern and consistent. It needed to make people feel at ease and instil confidence because it is simple, to the point and allows complete focus on what they say and do.

The creation of illustrative icons called ‘network icons’ were a nod the energy networks Sycous works within.

We have established a new look and feel that delivers consistency across all of their marketing channels, helped develop key messaging and, like their software, we have delivered simplicity out of a complex brief.

The icons represent the benefits delivered to consumers and fall into three categories: communities, data and impact.

If you would like to hear more about this dynamic, innovative company, we would be happy to connect you with the owners.