Sybil and Seb


Loungewear with an Edge

Branding a children’s loungewear company for new generation families.

Sybil & Seb wanted to transform the conventions of children’s loungewear, leaving behind the ‘hypercutesy’ style that was pervading the market and creating something with more of an edge.

Sybil and Seb’s vision was to upset your granny, beat off the bullies, and make cutsie kids cool. Those who dare to wear Sybil and Seb will be the envy of the class.

We deliver trends with and edge. Our ‘tredge’ label is a lifestyle choice for kids who dare.

We avoided the pastel colours that were on trend at the time. Instead we created a dark palette that gave the brand an edge.

The photography style was created to be anti-cute, giving a strong feel of the edginess of the brand.

The proposed black and white photography style complimented the gold palette, bringing sophistication to the project to reflect the owners’ desire for it to become a family aspirational brand.

We created unique brand patterns that could be used on textiles as part of the ranges or as texture to packaging and print materials.

The brand distinguishes itself using metallic gold foil on printed media on black or white backgrounds.

Sybil & Seb print materials were designed to be edgy and original. Therefore the brand never appears on standard A-sized documents and the information is always simple, clear and concise.

If you would like to know more about the Sybil and Seb project or would like us to bring an ‘edge’ to your brand, please get in touch.