Ryman Stationery


Becoming More Relevant to Student Life

A student insight project to help a high street retailer become more relevant to the student market.

The student market is a key customer segment for Ryman and one that had seen marked changes in buying behaviours and product requirements over the past few years.

Magpie was commissioned to carry out insight work to drive the relevancy and effectiveness of the product and service offering and Ryman’s marketing communications to this segment, developing up to date insights to inform the company’s thinking.


Key activities:

Quantitative research with 1000 students across five locations: Hertfordshire, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester.

Qualitative ‘vox pop’ research and price point testing with 50 students across the five campuses.

Development of a summary report and video to allow the retailer to share findings internally.

We set out to help Ryman become more in tune with student life: the challenges, opportunities and behaviour traits.

Following Magpie’s initial consultation with Ryman, we recommended a timeline in which to carry out the project that would give optimum results within the timeframe, taking into account the student calendar.

We also delivered a pre-project focus group with our Ideas and Imagination team to establish emerging themes that could affect our project plan and trend analysis. Critically, we found attitudinal differences between male and female students. For this reason we reported trends separately from both genders.

The work was delivered using a peer-to-peer approach – our student teams interviewed student peers to give a more accurate picture. We presented a report of our findings about what students are looking for in a stationery brand, including key themes and recommendations for the future. This was all brought to life in a video featuring student responses from across the country.