FoodHertfordshire (University of Hertfordshire)



Branding a new dining concept for the health conscious millennial consumer at University of Hertfordshire.

We were commissioned by University of Hertfordshire’s catering team to brand a new food offering which was to be located within a recently refurbished building.

The brief was to create a new brand, signage and POS to frame the offering and to complement the contemporary new space. The outlet would offer something different from the other catering outlets at University of Hertforshire and be an aspirational destination for a ‘café plus’ offering (including a test bed for new products).

We developed three concepts and moved forward with our favourite. We presented the name ‘røre’ which is Danish for move, exercise, mix, stir and touch.

We felt this reflected the positive qualities of the new outlet and the aspirations of the brand.

This was also a pun on the word ‘raw’ which is how we expected the majority of UK students to pronounce it.

Our concept was all about letting the food do the talking.

We created a stripped back minimalist brand identity that lets the food do the talking.

We wanted the design style, materials and colour palette to be simple so that the purity of the ingredients took centre stage.



We introduced materials such as kraft card, chipboard, hessian fabric, metal chain and black and white vinyl – all of which we felt matched the brand’s vision of ‘simple. honest. different.’

It was also important to us to keep copy to a minimum, ensuring food descriptors were short, succinct and all about the ingredients.

We introduced famous food quotes from historic icons about good eating – as well as bringing personality to the brand, these also complemented the academic setting.