Leeds City Council


It's Closer Than You Think

It’s closer than you think: glass recycling campaign for Leeds City Council

We were commissioned by Leeds City Council to design a campaign around glass recycling with the aim of raising awareness of using bottle banks. This campaign was part of a larger city-wide initiative to increase Leeds’ recycling level to 50% by 2020 in line with UK and EU targets.

We co-created the initial concepts and messaging after carrying out idea generation sessions within the community. We then tested these with target communities to ensure maximum impact and effectiveness.

We worked with communities to simplify the message so it got straight to the point. Most people didn’t realise glass was 100% recyclable.

The primary message for the campaign was that glass is 100% recyclable, a fact we discovered was unknown by a large majority of the target audience and which tested most positively with them. This was then supported by a call to action leading people to find their nearest bottle bank.

The design drew influence from the traditional green colour palette associated with recycling, and was kept bright and bold to draw focus on the message and call to action.

The final advertising campaign was delivered using large format media in locations around Leeds, as well as digital advertising screens in shopping centres, digital media and local publications.