Outreach International


Your Meaningful Adventure Starts Here...

Your meaningful adventure starts here: creation of a new brand and online experience for volunteering abroad.

Outreach International is a social enterprise that is committed to cross-cultural exchange and education. They combine the desire of individuals to volunteer overseas with the identified needs of local communities. In doing so they support the outcomes of charitable projects and enhance the life experience of volunteers.

Outreach International came to us with a website and brand that was developed over 10 years ago and had remained largely the same. It was dated and in need of a youthful injection of energy.

A new investor set the brief for modernising the brand and online presence. The objectives of the brief were to create a new brand and a website that felt contemporary, clear and compelling; but it absolutely had to remain meaningful and personal.

It was important to us not to follow the trend of gap year companies that have been sexing up their offering.

We were commissioned to complete a full rebrand, deliver a new website and accompanying marketing campaign to re-launch Outreach International to their brand-savvy audience. A key part of the brief was ensuring the new brand was perceived to be ‘credible’.

We didn’t want the new brand to resemble a gap year brand; so we created something that portrays the meaningful work that Outreach projects provide. A key brand message was that Outreach International is a social enterprise that connects with the communities they are supporting at a grassroots level, with the aim of leaving a lasting legacy. Therefore we didn’t create an overly polished or stylised brand – it had to feel worldly, connected and real.

Our brand proposition centred around ‘meaningful adventure’: a grassroots brand territory that poses a challenge and an adventure.

Outreach International places committed volunteers in meaningful projects all around the world. Volunteers are carefully selected to match specific skills and interests. Projects range from two weeks to six months and longer.

If you are interested in this great volunteering abroad enterprise, we would be happy to connect you with the owner.