Nufit / David Spicer


Nutri-B Cake Creations

Branding ‘free from’ cake creations for a Yorkshire based food scientist.


Nufit approached us about branding up their new gluten free cake bars. The snacks have been passionately created to deliver a great taste, quality ingredients: the perfect rise whilst delivering the best possible health benefits.

Headed up by a York-based Food Formulationist, David Spicer, Nufit had a vision for creating a new product that addresses some of, what they see as, the problems with the ‘free from’ market including; taste satisfaction, brand sophistication, health claims and a better variety of ‘on the go’ snacks.

Our brief was to create a new brand, website and sales deck for the cake bars. They wanted the brand to reflect that they are a team of dedicated chefs working under advanced standards of precision in order to deliver superior bakes.

Main project objectives:

The brand should tell the story of the science and dedication behind the product.

The brand shouldn’t be seen as ‘fluffy’ or ‘cutesy’, it needs to convey quality and preparation.

The brand should be unique to Nufit, non-gender specific and relevant to young professionals – particularly coeliacs and the health conscious.

Our vision was to develop a brand that shows the skills and expertise behind the product whilst attracting ‘on the go’ consumers.

We worked on initial concepts and naming ideas before taking the designs out to testing. Our Insight team tested the concepts with the general public of Liverpool, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Manchester and London.

From the feedback we developed the brand narrative. There were several territories we were exploring and our client naturally wanted to take the science route.

Our dilemma was telling a story that didn’t make the product sound unnatural. Based on insight findings, we felt we could move forward with a route that portrayed the people behind the science and their dedication to their craft.

We wanted the name of their kitchen to represent a place of constant development and innovation.

Firstly, we introduced ‘Spicer’s Food Lab’ to bring to life the creative space that the team works within and add a quality seal to the products.

Secondly we introduced ‘Cake Creations’ to add to the predetermined ‘Nutri-B’ product name. The word ‘Creations’ fits the product development process perfectly and conjures imagery of effort, nature and evolution as opposed to a cold feeling of ‘modified’, which could be interpreted if the brand became too much about laboratories and scientists.

We wanted to create a gender neutral brand that appealed to the millennial health conscious consumer.

Carrying on the theme, we developed an periodic table device to portray the health claims for each cake bar. To balance the science element we added illustration and colour to reflect the fruit variety of each Cake Creation, ensuring the packs didn’t feel too academic.

Finally, we developed the website and sales literature, developing key brand statements that can help sell the product to future buyers.

Nutri-B Cake Creations are just about to launch. If you are interested in these products, please get in touch and we will be happy to connect you with the owner.