Northumbria SU and Newcastle Council


No Car Superstar

Creation of Greener Travel social movement targeting students in Newcastle.

Backed with funding from Newcastle City Council, Northumbria Students’ Union wanted to create an interactive on and offline campaign to address concerns over the increasing amount of students in the city of Newcastle who were taking cars to University and adding to congestion.

The superhero theme tested most highly with Students’ Union stakeholders and was on trend at the time.

We devised an experiential campaign with lots of ambient deliverables. It was fun project to work on as we could think creatively about all aspects of the media we proposed, including dual purpose flyers which could be used as superhero masks.

Our response included the development of a superhero themed website, whereby users would work their way through pledges and challenges in order to transform from an average Jo into a ‘No Car Superstar’.

Our aim was to demonstrate that travelling greener can result in instant rewards while also impacting carbon reduction.

The interactive website had elements of gamification, user interaction, social sharing and personalisation.

Each user would work through a level before unlocking a reward and moving to the next level, therefore we implemented a database to save level data and take users back to their hero level each time they logged on to the site.

The interactive online experience was created to capture data and educate users around greener travel. This included:

Design of a game that included a series of challenges that prompted the user to perform tasks, such as pledge to travel greener, enter missing words or upload a photograph – all with social media sharing enabled.

Design of superheros: illustrative avatars that change in appearance as users progressed through challenge levels.

Design and content for superhero name generator– each user would receive a unique superhero name. This name would be stored and included in personalised content each time a user logged on to the site.

Sign up counter: a styled counter that displayed the amount of users taking a challenge at a given time.

Design of post-it notes: a notes section, whereby users can quickly post and share notes onto the website.

Social media sharing: sharing via Facebook each time a user completes a level.

Integrated transport route planner – design of a feature to allow users to plan a route that only featured local public transport or walking.