Making Energy Powerful

Making energy powerful: branding and marketing for a new energy company that gives back to consumers and their local communities.


MME is a new “challenger” energy company that intends to disrupt the energy market. MME enables local authorities to generate income for reinvestment in communities; supporting local business growth and those in fuel poverty.

Their focus is on consumers and their community, with a belief that energy is more powerful if the benefits are shared. Their expert team and smart technology will change how energy is consumed; ensuring greater efficiency and benefits to the environment and economy.


Main project objectives:

To work with the new energy company to help them evolve their brand personality, key statements, brand identity and marketing materials.

To gain consumer insight and feedback on the business model.

To disrupt the energy market with a B2B brand that is also consumer friendly.

Challenge what is being done in the marketplace by highlighting a new way of doing things.

Our vision was to create a unique brand that had a kinetic energy to it – it would disrupt the sector.

We began our branding process with an insight programme across Yorkshire to understand what consumer attitudes are towards energy companies and what they want from a new brand of energy that is fair for all.

Our insight concluded in the delivery of MME’s brand book. A guide to their vision, brand values and beliefs, key messages and overall brand identity, which have been an integral part of the company’s launch.

We wanted to create a brand that had a kinetic energy to it. Introducing movement in the diagonal lines of their word marque and using electric colours were just some of the ways of doing this.



We brought bold, positive statements to the company’s mission, vision and brand statements.

We continue to work with MME on their B2B marketing communications, software design updates, campaigns and consumer insight.

The company will have an official launch in 2017. If you are excited by their offering, we would be happy to connect you with the MME founders.