HR that is out of this world!

A heroic design treatment for a super HR consultancy.

HR180 is an award-winning company, leading the way in the provision of outsourced HR support. They believe HR, delivered in a professional, commercial, intelligent and compassionate manner, is a key part of modern business.

Working as one half of the partnership, they work with clients to take on HR challenges – operational or strategic – and free up clients to be a hero within their own business. The HR180 team find innovative ways to help businesses make improvements, become more efficient and effective.

We were commissioned to develop a completely unique online brand that is full of personality. It draws upon something that had always been their strength, even in the early days – the team of heroes that can be found behind the HR180 service.

HR180 wanted us to evolve their brand to ensure they look lightyears ahead of the competition.

We evolved their brand to include unique illustrations to get across the individual personalities of the team and the services on offer.

We had great creative sessions with the HR180 team, sketching out ideas and collaborating on content.

Keeping their existing colour palette, we created a virtual world in which the HR180 heroes always come to the rescue.


HR180’s support is ‘out of this world’ so we had endless fun drawing up planets and co-creating super content.

“Magpie really ‘get’ HR180! Working with Magpie on redeveloping the look and improve the SEO of our website has been a joy. The team have been true partners in getting the website where we want it and within budget. In a nutshell, Magpie have taken on board everything we wanted – and then made it work better than we could have thought!”

Claire Morley Jones, Managing Director

The world of HR can sometimes be quite serious so we were delighted to deliver a brand where the owner wanted to push boundaries and make a creative statement.

The business offers both outsourced HR and forward-looking HR consultancy to ensure organisations are well planned for the future. They wanted us to ‘brand up’ the differences between the two areas of the business.

Their outsourced HR service, known as the ‘HR180 Heroes’, was built on a well established idea that they are a team of superheroes saving the day for clients. Of course, behind every great team of heroes there’s the brains – ‘Mission Control’, became the name for their HR consultancy service.

It’s not very often we get to work on a brand involving new planets, flying staff and tweeting dogs – we’ve been to infinity and beyond with our ideas and the owner is over the moon! (Mmm perhaps another illustration idea?!).

If you are interested in HR180’s offering or want to know more, we are happy to connect you with the team.