Fazenda / The Smart Agency


Brand Activation Designs

Brand activation designs for meat loving Brazilian restaurant chain.


In partnership with The Smart (PR) Agency, we were asked to design branded launch materials and campaign concepts for the opening of Fazenda, a Brazilian restaurant in Leeds.

Fazenda restaurant were already operating in one other location when we were asked to work on their launch materials for their Leeds opening. They also have restaurants in Manchester and Liverpool.


We were asked to come up with concepts for direct marketing as well as launch materials.

The brief was to create designs for their email marketing, print invitations and business stationery as well as their signature ‘yes for meat’ and ‘no I’m full’ traffic light table coasters. We were also asked to come up with concepts for direct marketing campaigns that could be sent to local businesses.

Main project objectives:

Design and content needed to align with their sophisticated style.

Direct marketing ideas could be witty but needed a clear link to their offering.

Timing was one of the key measures, all materials needed to be designed and printed in just under two-weeks.

The overall objective was to attract attendees to their launch event and help establish an audience base during their early months in a new city.

Adding a branded seal to the printed invitations, we created an air of anticipation and excitement for the recipients, reinforcing the exclusiveness of the launch event.

We were given draft brand guidelines and decided to stick to Fazenda’s black and white colour palette, keeping all photography greyscale to convey authenticity and expertise. Keeping the design minimal and contemporary with lots of white space, we wanted to portray a premium brand with a quality food offering.

We kept the design more informal for the direct mail concepts including a plate shaped mouse mat that had a side salad printed and the copy line ‘Now all you need is the steak’.

We also presented an office ‘tea-round game’ that could be sent out in a pack along with their traffic light coasters. This was an effective way of getting their dining experience out of their restaurant and into offices using a print deliverable we had already created therefore keeping costs to a minimum.

Fazenda had a successful launch in Leeds and still continues to be a strong brand. We recommend you visit when you are here.

Fazenda’s Leeds launch party achieved the maximum number of attendees.

In the months following Fazenda’s launch, it was difficult to book a table at peak dining times due to their advanced bookings.

Fazenda went on to open a new restaurant in Liverpool.