Faith in Nature


40 Years of Green Cosmetics

Gift packaging design and sourcing for award-winning green cosmetics company.

We delivered packaging design for Faith In Nature’s beauty products range including special edition packaging to celebrate the businesses’ 40th Anniversary. Designs were led by bright photography which were used to support messages about the use of natural ingredients in the product range.

Main project objectives:

Create new gift packaging designs to celebrate 40 years of Faith in Nature, to be sold in high street stores and online.

Create unique templates and source print production and delivery.

Use ethical and environmentally friendly materials.

Ensure products can be shown at their best without having to redesign the current bottles.

We created unique net drawings and templates for the packaging and designs that celebrated the varieties held within, through the use of colour and imagery.

We wanted to maintain the link to nature but also show the product as a ‘luxury’ as well as ‘ethical offering’.

We created patterns that were used in the seams of our designs, bringing a hidden depth of nature and reinforcing the luxury feel.

We were constantly communicating with suppliers in China to get the most ethical and appealing packaging.

We worked with a packaging company in China who could produce recyclable cardboard packaging, using vegetable based inks – they also had all of the green credentials Faith in Nature were looking for.

Organising wet proofs, shipping and managing tight print deadlines, we were able to deliver the project on time and on budget.

The designs received positive feedback from happy clients who continued to order further deliveries and an additional design after the initial launch.