Leeds City Council


Clean Air Leeds

Creating a campaign to raise awareness of things businesses, residents and schools can do to start helping improve air quality in Leeds. 

Each year in the UK, around 40,000 deaths are attributable to outdoor air pollution. In Leeds this equates to 350 deaths per year. Air pollution can have a harmful effect on the health of residents of Leeds, reducing life expectancy and increasing health inequalities.

The elderly, children and those with cardiovascular disease and/or respiratory disease are more susceptible to air pollution than others. Those who spend more time in highly polluted locations will be affected more.

Our campaign formed the first part of a wider ambition to engage local businesses, residents, and schools, to encourage them to pledge to make changes to help contribute to the wider city’s Clean Air strategy.

Objectives of the brief

We were commissioned to design a brand and campaign that will:

  • Engage the target audiences and raise awareness on the impact of air pollution on the city of Leeds.
  • Raise awareness of the costs associated with not lowering air pollution in the city.
  • Increase the use of public transport across the city.




We looked at existing clean air brands and created moodboards to develop general routes. We tested initial sketches and name ideas with members of each audience and used this insight to develop our concepts.

We worked with 17 schools, businesses and organisations as well as members of the public who helped us co-create the final solution.

Our design was clean and simple, with the inclusion of a cityscape line drawing to ensure everyone was aware that Leeds was the focus.

We kept the design airy and light to reflect the aims of the campaign as well portraying the vision of how air in Leeds should be.

As well of our integrated above the line campaign, we created an engaging schools pack and a Green Miles game that encouraged children to take a bike, bus or train to school in order to earn green points. The educational game accumulated class points (called Green Air Miles) and revealed geographical facts about other countries around the world.

The game also formed a competition between schools in Leeds, with the winning school being the one who collected the most points.

"Thank you for all your work on this campaign and responding to our very many requests. The display boards looked fab, and hopefully you’ve seen the overwhelming response on social media. We got hundreds of pledges and it was a really great day."

Isobel Smith


Over 2,000 pledges collected so far

28 schools signed up to the Clean Air initiative

449 visits to the CleanAirDay webpage during National Clean Air Day

167,000 new tweet impressions

133 new followers

2,023 profile visits