Chorley Bunce Film Location Catering


Brand Identity for Chorley Bunce

A Glimpse into the Mind-Blowing World of Location Catering

Caterers to the stars, Dave Chorley and Mark Bunce are film location experts, stopping at nothing to ensure that no cast goes hungry and every crew member is fed. In their mission to get refreshments where they need to be, and when, delivering lunch by jet-ski is all in a day’s work.


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Main project objectives

Chorley Bunce needed a brand identity and a mobile-first website that re-wrote the rules and smashed the ceilings of web design as we know it. They wanted their website to be unlike anything else – they wanted something distinctive, original, and fun. It needed to display their personalities, as well as showing the quality of the service and food and their absolute dedication.

“Our vision was to create a unique brand, filled with magic and imagination, to make Chorley and Bunce stand out against their competitors and become the go-to people for film location catering.”

Film and TV are filled with magic, imagination, the implausible and the unreal. We decided to begin the design process by going back to the craft: cutting, sticking, drawing and taping. After a day of creating collages from our imaginations and the content of Chorley and Bunce’s heads, we were ready and excited to show them our ideas.

Having a site built from these values made a lot of sense to us, and it made a lot of sense to Chorley and Bunce too. They were chuffed that we’d understood their manic, mixed-up musings and recreated these as a website, showcasing who they are, what they do, and how well they do it.

"Thanks to the awesome team at Magpie who came to our rescue and delivered the website we were looking for. After spending over a year with two other web design companies we came across Magpie by recommendation and we never looked back.

I’m sure many customers come to Magpie asking for their website to be different but we wanted more than different – we wanted something unlike anything else – something distinctive and original. That is no easy thing to achieve in a website, but by Jove they did it! Not only did they deliver the goods, the whole process was fun and creative. We will never use anyone else ever again for our PR & marketing."

Dave Chorley and Mark Bunce, Chorley Bunce, Film Location Catering

"This project was one of the most exciting I have worked on. It's one of those sought-after hero projects that allows complete uninhibited creativity and reminds you of all the reasons you wanted to become a designer. Going back to the craft and creating collages to inspire the design, before beginning artworking on the mac, was key to the project’s success. I had a lot of fun collaging that day."

Anna Wanczyk, Lead designer on the Chorley Bunce project