STEM Learning


Catalyst Magazine

Rebranding STEM’s educational science magazine, to encourage engagement from their core audience of 14-19 year olds.

Catalyst is STEM Learning’s topical magazine, which features a range of cutting-edge research and projects with the aim of educating 14-19 year olds on all things science. We were commissioned to rebrand the print and digital versions of the magazine with the aim of increasing readership and engagement with the content.

What did we set out to achieve?

Our vision for the new look Catalyst magazine was to inspire students and to bring the science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum to life. Ultimately creating something that young students will want to read, engage and learn from.

Our new look for the Catalyst magazine took on a bold and modern evolution of their brand. Using the core elements from the STEM Learning brand we combined this with illustration and photography to bring each article to life.

A key feature was the addition of pull out fact boxes which have been used throughout the magazine to create a visual cue for the reader. This also allowed the content to be broken up in each article, making the content more memorable and digestible for the younger audience.

Each magazine uses a combination of illustration and photography allowing us to create bespoke designs tailored to each article. This allows us to showcase the exciting and varied topics discussed in each article.