Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Choreographing a New Online Experience

Improving technical functionality and choreographing a new online experience.

Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) is a school for contemporary dance in the North of England. It delivers specialist conservatoire-level training to talented and committed students locally, nationally and internationally.

They offer foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as having their own theatre and touring company.

To exhibit the School’s identity, increase awareness and audience interaction, both nationally and internationally, we have worked closely with NSCD and its stakeholders to design, build and launch a new website, helping to improve technical functionality using a new content management system.

The newly choreographed website reflects the same high standard as the School’s performances.

Our strategic approach was largely informed by an insight programme, which included staff and student insight, competitor evaluation and consumer opinions. Insight outcomes fed comprehensively into each stage of the website development through design approach, content structure, functionality, video integration, new imagery, relevant content and social media feeds.