To mark the launch of our Trends publication – a compilation of 2017s biggest, best and most bizarre trends – we’ll be releasing one a day in the countdown to Christmas. Trend eight, Post-Brex**it Politics.

post brexit politics

In the wake of Brexit and Trump, young people were left with an increased sense of doubt in democracy. But instead of despondence, they reacted with renewed political activism and engagement. Social media feeds had a distinctively political feel and more and more Corbyn lovers were appearing from the shadows.

After a surprisingly close general election and the highest turnout of young voters since 1992, Corbyn is undoubtedly the man of the moment, and a key figure in 2017. But never before have we seen politics capture the hearts and wardrobes of the youth in the way that Jez does. Chants of ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ echoed from the John Peel stage to Shangri La, as JC made an appearance on Glastonbury’s legendary Pyramid stage, and hordes of festival-going fans strutted their stuff in Corbyn tees.

We’re not sure any poll could have predicted this last year’s political climate, but one thing’s for sure: young people are certainly politically engaged.

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